Infrared Technology


Why Infrared Testing?


An Infrared Survey of operating electrical equipment will reveal loose connections, overloaded circuits, unbalanced loads, sludged transformers, poor contact inside breakers, contactors, switches and more.  During a typical survey we will test switch gear, panels, motor control centers, transformers, etc.

Benefits of Infrared Testing


Significantly Reduces unscheduled power outages

Detect potential problems without interrupting services


Saves the customer money by preventing unnecessary interruption of electrical systems in the following ways:


Preventative Maintenance:  Scan electrical and mechanical equipment for trouble spots so they can be repaired before they fail


Predictive Maintenance:  Monitor limited life components to predict and schedule replacement before failure


Check for defective equipment while still under manufacturer warranty


Reduce insurance premiums

Services we provide


Electrical inspections including switchgear, breaker panels, transformers, capacitor banks, motor control centers, bus ducts, etc.


Electrical motor inspections


Repair of any loose connections, or faulty components

Level 1 Thermographer on Staff