State Contracts


SBPP Certified Small Business Commonwealth of Massachusetts Contract Awards

 Vendor Code #: VC600170082SBPP 

 Renaud Electric & Communications is proud to announce that after more than
15 successful years conducting business under the statewide
Tradesperson’s contracts: FAC29 and FAC70 we are now an
awarded vendor under the following department contracts. 

Each contract listed below has been pre-authorized for use by other departments as a multi-department contract.* 

 Renaud Electric & Communications remains a certified participant in the
Commonwealth’s Small Business Practices Program (SBPP)
and is available for both small procurements, those under $150,000,
as well as larger procurements above $150,000.
Renaud Electric & Communications is DCAMM Certified and
available to discuss your needs: large or small 24/7/365: 


(Department of Mental Health)


(Department of Youth Services)

(MA Department of Transportation): MDOTBOSTON9


(Department of State Police)

(Multi-Department Contract)

(Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development) references MDOTBOSTON9 

Note: 801 CMR 21.00 defines a Multi-Department Contract as contracts that are procured [established] by one department with the option of allowing other departments to use the procurement [contract] to execute their contracts under separate agreement with an awarded vendor.